مترادف و متضاد کلمات انگلیسی سوم راهنمایی

Tehran is a big city. # small

This lesson is easy.# hard = difficult

This boy is fat. # thin

This ruler is long. # short

This dress is new. # old

My brother is a tall boy. # short

My father is an old man. # young

I asked the question. # answered

The teacher was late. # early

He came home at 6. # went

He woke up before sunrise. # after

She always gets up at 6. # never

Your shirt is very dirty. # clean

Does he open the door? # close = shut

This car is very cheap. # expensive

I put on my hat. # take off

This restaurant is very good. # bad

They wake up at 6. # sleep

You play ping-pong slowly. # quickly

You are a slow player. # quick = fast

They work carelessly. # carefully

Are you busy? # free

He is a careless student. # careful

He does his homework easily. # hard

They speak English badly. # well

What time does the film finish? # begin

School is your second house. # first

bring you some flowers. # take

It is hot today. # cold

There is a little money in my wallet. # a lot of

We learn many things from books. # teach

There were a few students in the class. # a lot of

This mosque is very large. # small

We stayed in Shiraz for two weeks. # left

A young man can run fast. # walk 

This garden is big. = large

He is my dad. = father

She is your father's sister. = aunt

She is your mother's sister. = aunt

He is your mother's brother. = uncle

He is your father's brother. = uncle

He is your father's father. = grandfather

He is your mother's father. = grandfather

They buy some chips every day. = get

This is a holy place. = shrine

They have a difficult life. = hard

Don't leave soon. = early

Don't speak fast. = quickly

I bought some books from this bookshop. = bookstore

You should visit your mother today. = meet

We get home at 2. = arrive

They waited for the bus for half an hour. = thirty minutes

He was watching TV at this time last night. = now

I will phone my friend. = call

Oh, I see. = I know

He is a fast runner. = quick

They will close the door at 1. = shut

There is an airplane in the sky. = plane

My parents went to Mashhad by bus. = father and mother

They have breakfast at 6 every morning. = eat

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