اصطلاحات تدریس شده در کلاس

اصطلاحات تدریس شده در کلاس

1.  Early bird catches the worm.

2.  You hit the nail on the head

3.  Long time no see

4.  Shake a leg

5.  Hold your horses

6.  Night owl

7.  Couch potato

8.  Touch wood

9.  I have butterflies in my stomach

10.                   The apple of my eye

11.                   I'm so hungry that I could eat like a horse.

12.                   Don't pull my leg

13.                   Stop pulling my leg

14.                   I eat like a bird

15.                   Keep it under your hat

16.                   Between you and me

17.                   Cat got your tongue

18.                   Under the weather

19.                   Wet blanket

20.                   I'll eat my hat

21.                   I have a frog in my throat

22.                   Haste makes waste

23.                   Cross my heart (and hope to die)

24.                   Have ants in my pants

25.                   You aren't in the picture get up on the wrong side of the bed

26.                   It's raining cats and dogs

27.                   Beats me

28.                   Eat breakfast like a king

29.                   Eat lunch like a prince

30.                   Eat dinner like a poor man

31.                   I'm all ears

32.                   It's not a brain surgery

33.                   It's not a rocket science

34.                   You're still wet behind your ears

35.                   I wasn't born yesterday

36.                   You're cut out to be a(n)…

37.                   It's on the tip of my tongue use your loaf

38.                   Let sleeping dogs lie

39.                   Catch somebody red-handed

40.                   Rain or shine

41.                   Lay an egg

42.                   Spare sb's blushes

43.                   Sb's jaw dropped

44.                   I don'thave a bean

45.                   Over one's dead body

46.                   Like father like son

47.                   Get one's goat

48.                   Money talks

49.                   Money doesn't grow on trees

50.                   From scratch

51.                   nosy-parker

52.                   chew the fat

53.                   I smell a rat

54.                   As cool as a cucumber

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