Meanings of Get

Meanings of Get


1- Receive: I got a letter from Mina.

2- Earn: He gets about $ 1000.

3- Buy: Where did you get that shirt?

4- Obtain: He opened the door to get some light.

5- Fetch: Somebody gets a doctor.

6- Pick up: I have to get my son from school.

7- Take: Which newspaper do you get?

8- Achieve: He got a “B” in English.

9- Suffer from: He gets a really bad headache.

10- Infected with: I got this cold from you.

11- Dial: I got your number by chance.

12- Reach a condition: It’s getting late.

13- Reach a state: He is getting angry.

14- Take off: He got undressed.

15- Put on: Get dressed, please.

16- Mugged: His car got stolen last week.

17- Make: I couldn’t get the car to start this morning.

18- Persuade: It is not hard to get him talking.

19- Cause: I must get my hair cut.

20- Start: Let’s get going.

21- Have the opportunity: I never get to go first.

22- Arrive: He got here at 6.

23- Go: We don’t get to bed until mid night.

24- Move: We have to get it through the door.

25- Prepare a meal: I must go home and get lunch for them.

26- Answer: Will you get the phone.

27- Catch: The police got them.

28- Hit: The bullet got him in the neck.

29- Retaliate, harm: I’ll get you for that!

30- Understand: I don’t get it.

31- Exist: We still get cases of typhoid.

32- Puzzle: You have got me there!

33- Annoy: What gets me is sitting and doing nothing.

34- Memorize: She got the verses by heart.

35- Have: I’ve got no money.

36- Learn: I told them to get.

37- Penalty: He got $100 for dangerous driving.

38- Repair: Can you get the car going? 

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