How do rabbits travel?
Answer: By hareplane! 

What kind of ties can't you wear?
Answer: Railroad ties. 

What do you call a funny book about eggs?
Answer: A yolk book. 

When is it dangerous to play cards?
Answer: When the joker is wild! 

What kind of soda must you not drink?
Answer: Baking soda. 

How does Mother Earth fish?
Answer: With North and South Poles! 

Where is the best place to see a man-eating fish?
Answer: In a seafood restaurant. 

What did the beach say when the tide came in?
Answer: Long time no sea. 

What did one potato chip say to the other?
Answer: Shall we go for a dip? 

How does a king open a door?
Answer: With a monarch-y. 

What is a pickle's all time favorite musical?
Answer: Hello, Dilly. 

What did the chocolate bar say to the lollipop?
Answer: Hello, sucker! 

What do whales like to chew?
Answer: Blubber gum. 

Where is the ocean the deepest?
Answer: On the bottom. 

What part of your body has the most rhythm?
Answer: Your eardrums. 

What does the Invisible Man drink at snacktime?
Answer: Evaporated milk. 

What do you get when you saw a comedian in two?
Answer: A half wit. 

Can giraffes have babies?
Answer: No, they only have giraffes! 

What shoes should you wear when your basement is flooded?
Answer: Pumps! 

Why are potatoes good detectives?
Answer: Because they keep their eyes peeled. 

What kind of eyeglasses do spies wear?
Answer: Spy-focals. 

What clothing does a house wear?
Answer: Address. 

What did the sock say to the foot?
Answer: You are putting me on! 

Why was the belt arrested?
Answer: For holding up the pants!

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