What is a Lie

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  What is exactly a lie? Is it anything we say which we know is untrue? Or is it some thing more than that? For example,suppose a friend wants to borrow some money from you, you say: “I wish I could help you but I’m short of money myself.” In fact, you are not short of money, but your friend is in the habit of not paying his debts and you don’t want to hurt his feeling by reminding him of this. Is this really a lie?

   A scientific study of lying shows women are better liars than men, especially when telling a “white lie” such as when a woman at a party tells another woman that she likes her dress when she really thinks it looks terrible. However, this is only one side of the story. Other researches show that men are more likely to tell more serious lies, such as making a promise which they have no intention of fulfilling. This is the kind of lie politicians and businessmen is supposed to be particularly skilled at: the lie from which the liar hopes to profit in some way.

   Research has also been done into the way people’s behavior changes when they lie. It has been found that if they are sitting down at the same time, they tend to move about in their chairs more than usual. In fact, they are saying “I wish I were somewhere else now.”

1. This passage tells us that ……….

a.       telling lies is often necessary in order to avoid being defeated

b.       telling lies is often bad because people ought not to be dishonest

c.       telling lies is necessary in order not to hurt someone else’s feelings

d.       telling lies is not bad at all in most cases


2. In Paragraph 2, “Women are better liars than men do.” means………..

a.       Women are better at telling lies than men      

b.       Women liars are better accepted than men

c.       Women have a better intention when telling lies

d.       Women tell fewer lies than men do


 3. A ‘white lie' means ________.

a.       a lie that is completely unbelievable      

b.       a lie that is told with a good will

c.       a lie that is always believable                 

d.       a lie that often has an evil purpose


4. Politicians are supposed to be skilled at telling the kind of lies …….

a.       from which they may gain some advantages     

b.       that seems to be believable

c.       that women are most likely to believe       

d.       with which they can have better relationship with others


 5. It can be concluded from the passage that ………..

a.       there is a simple way of finding out if someone is lying

b.       from some ways people behave we can know they are lying

c.       certain emotions are proof of lying

d.       in some situations women think businessmen are dishonest.

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